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Message from Superintendent Sheila Mitchell

Welcome Anderson County Students and Parents,

      I hope everyone has had a restful summer enjoying your time with family and friends!  AC schools has had a busy, successful and fun summer starting with our two week Summer Academy and culminating  with our recently completed two day Jump Start program serving over 700 students.   

        Teachers and staff have been busy hosting student camps, completing professional development training (including our First Annual Teacher-led Technology Conference), cleaning and preparing our buildings and facilities, completing update training and getting our buses ready for transport, as well as providing the summer feeding program available to all Anderson County children.  Teachers have also been reviewing curriculum and creating engaging, rigorous lessons as well as  preparing for open houses.  With summer behind us, we are excited to begin a new, exciting but normal school year. 

         Anderson County Schools will begin the year with the following mitigation strategies to combat communicable diseases including COVID.   

  • Daily general cleaning to remove viruses from surfaces and high touch surface areas.

  • Promote good handwashing etiquette. 

  • Provide hand sanitizer. 

  • Provide masks.  (Masks are optional)   

  • Encourage masking on the move.

In order to continue school business as normal we need your help.  Please keep students home if sick.  If your student  tests positive for Covid, flu, strep, or any other communicable diseases, please follow the orders from your Medical Health Care Provider in order to prevent the spread of any virus in our classrooms and across our schools. Following the CDC guidelines for quarantining is highly recommended.  The Governor announced last Friday that potential changes could come in the form of a universal masking mandate.  He also reminded everyone of KPH and CDC guidance released in the spring.  If there is an increased spread of Covid in our community, and there is a need for additional mitigation measures, we will follow the Anderson County Schools Safe to Return to In-Person School color coded plan implemented last school year.  It can be found on our website and if implemented will be communicated in a timely manner.  If you have questions please call the central office or your students' school.  

       Please remember the district is held to the Compulsory Attendance Law.  By law, parent and doctor's notes shall be provided to the school attendance clerk for absences.

       We are happy to remind everyone that school supplies will again be provided to all students.  Our FRYSC directors have been working diligently to get school supplies to each location so students will have them on the first day of school.  


        Our lunch program will be functioning on CEP for the 2022-2023 school year.  This allows us to provide breakfast and lunch at no cost to all students.  A la carte items will be sold and will help maintain the food service program.  Please locate, fill out and return the yellow HIF form that will be a part of your students’ welcome packet(s)  for your child(ren) to receive free or reduced student fees and other benefits.  

         Please check with your students’ school for open house information. Newly enrolled students and families, please contact your school for introductory information. Everyone, please complete Infinite Campus Enrollment Update to ensure we have the most current information to include emergency contacts, phone numbers etc.  School start and end times for all locations will be 8:00am to 3:00pm.  Please see individual schools for open door times. 

      We have up to 10 Non-traditional Instructional days approved by KDE to utilize for inclement weather or other emergency circumstances that could arise.  These days will be announced, if utilized, and will include remote learning and instruction to count as a day in the regular school calendar.  If a snow day, school closure day, is called, it will be made up and added into the calendar either replacing an identified break day or added to the end of the calendar.  

       I am excited to start the new school year, and look forward to working with everyone as we have a successful transition and start the new year. As we know, we may face challenges or roadblocks ahead, but we are committed to providing a high quality education for all students on their educational journey in Anderson County Schools.  Please let me know if I can be of assistance to you. You are welcome to contact me at 839-3406 or at [email protected]

I wish everyone a great beginning to a new school year.  Let’s go Team AC!