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Tech It Out: Moudy Recognized for Diversity Award in AP Computer Science
February 11th is International Day of Women and Girls in Science, a celebration of female pioneers like Dr. Marie Curie, astronaut Judith Resnik, anthropologist Margaret Mead, environmentalist Rachel Carson, and computer science pioneer Grace Murray Hopper. However, according to recent statistics from the American Association of University Women, an organization developed in 1881 by a small group of women to encourage enrollment in all fields of higher education, women still only comprise 28% of careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). In our world today, those are also the very careers likely to be the most in-demand and highest-paying jobs of the future. Part of the way we close that gap is by attracting and retaining female students in the classrooms that will encourage growth in the STEM fields—something Anderson County High School AP Computer Science teacher, Todd Moudy, has successfully achieved.

ACMS NTI Daily Schedule - Inclement Weather
ACMS will use the following instructional schedule for each inclement weather related NTI day (any day of the week).  This schedule and NTI day google meet expectations were communicated and explained to students in all classes this week.

Students must attend each google meet listed below during any inclement weather related NTI day for the daily direct instruction lesson and class assignment.   Students are required to complete daily assignments for each day.  

Google meets are available by phone or by video link.


  • 1st Period:  8:30-9:00
  • BREAK:     9:00-9:15
  •  2nd Period:  9:15-9:45
  • BREAK:     9:45-10:00  
  • 3rd Period:  10:00-10:30
  • BREAK:     10:30-10:45
  • 4th Period:  10:45-11:15
  • LUNCH BREAK:  11:15-11:45
  • 5th Period:  11:45-12:15
  • BREAK:     12:15-12:30
  • 6th Period:  12:30-1:00
  • ADVISORY CLASS:  1:00-1:15


Teachers will be available online from 8 AM-8:30 AM to answer student questions and help prepare for their first period class.  They will also be available online from 1:15-3 PM during planning time. 

If your child cannot attend one of the google meets listed above, please notify your child's advisory teacher.  

If you need assistance with technology, login information, etc., please email Jennifer Miller at [email protected] .

If you have any questions, please email Principal Rose at [email protected] or call the school (501-839-9261). 
No Matter the Weather, Anderson County Teachers and Students Stick Together
LAWRENCEBURG, Ky-- As the winter weather continues to impact our area, many of us recall fond childhood memories of snow days off of school spent lazing about our homes, sporadically going outside to play in the snow. When we would return to school, our teachers would spend time refreshing our memories on our most recent lessons before continuing on to new content. We all loved those snow days, but what we did not enjoy were the warm summer days tacked on to the end of the school year that had to be used as make-up days. The warm breeze wafting through the classroom window seemed to call louder than the snow ever did.
Message from Superintendent Mitchell - Updated Guidance from CDC and KDHP
As you know, the CDC and Public Health released new Covid-19 guidance for schools this week.  I've been in consultation with our local Health Department, KDE and Cumberland Family Medical.  The Education Commissioner also held a webex for superintendents yesterday that included consultation with Dr. Connie White.  The new guidance has several changes and we have updated the Test to Stay document, put together a summary of changes document and provided the attachments below.
These are the days your teen will want to remember forever. Help make the year unforgettable by purchasing a 2021-2022 Anderson County Middle School yearbook.

For only $25.00, your child will have a book that will be enjoyed now and 20, 30, or even 50 years from now. You also can make the yearbook extra special by purchasing namestamping and a protective plastic cover.

Buy online with a credit card, debit card, or PayPal at  Order now, so your teen won’t miss out when the yearbooks are distributed at the end of the school year.

As an adult, you know how important school memories become. Don’t let your child’s memories fade; make sure they get a yearbook!

Submitting Pictures for the ACMS Yearbook
ACMS is requesting your help in providing pictures of our students for the yearbook.  If you have some awesome pictures of your child participating in an ACMS athletic event or other ACMS activity, please upload them for consideration in the 2021-2022 yearbook using the instructions below.  The code for submitting photos is ACMS21.


SBDM Council:
 The ACMS Site-Based Decision-Making Council is responsible for making decisions, which directly relate to the safety and curriculum of our school. The Council is made up of one administrator, three teachers, and two parents.
We welcome and encourage all parents and teachers to participate in our SBDM monthly meetings.  
 2021-22 Council Members are:
Abidah Bryant - Parent Member
Kim Chrisman - Teacher Member
Sarah Cooper - Parent Member
Granville Hayes - Teacher Member
Courtney Wells - Teacher Member

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